About Us

Varsany is a new vibrant Fashion brand working within the UK.

We have a great design team who is working on amazing Bridalwear perfect for hen parties and Childrens gymnastic clothing. All designing and crystallizing is done by hand here in the UK by our skilled crafts woman. Alot of our work is hand made so you can count on the fact that you will receive a made to order product rather than the mass produced goods that are currently being sold.

How Varsany Started

Varsany started as a brand who wished to crystallise anything and everything. We worked on many different types of items such as clothing, vases, furniture, walls, shoes, bedding and much more. After many years of working with various types of materials and adhesives we obtained great knowledge on how crystals work and the different quality crystals available in the market, which led us to design our own crystal. We then changed direction and focussed more on specialised clothing.

That brings us to our Bridal and Gymnastic products.


We learnt that the gymnast industry created beautiful garments in all different styles, however we found that you had to over pay to get a good outfit which had high quality crystals. Anything in the market for under £25 had cheap plastic stones stuck to them, with cheap adhesive. We felt this was unfair as most children pick up the sport but not all carry it into their teens leaving mum, dad, grandma and granddad lighter in the wallet, with poor quality gifts.  This had to be solved and with all the knowledge we gathered, whilst working with crystals, we applied our own brand machine cut glass crystals to great fitting stylish gymnastic garments, not to overlook all our crystal designs are handmade and hade applied onto the garment. The feedback we received was amazing. Mums at the gymnastic class could easily spot which child was wearing a Varsany product whilst the girls dance and skip around in our shorts. The Sparkle's our stones give out are far superior to any others on the market.


The same way we found a flaw in the gymnast industry we found it in the bridal gift giving industry. We focused on gifts as there was not much in the market accept cheap t-shirts, mugs and jewellery. We found many brides wearing satin bathrobes the morning of their wedding whilst getting ready. We started to look at what was available in the market and we were shocked. Super thin, see-through, low cut and horrible crystals is what we found. 1 particular bathrobe we found could not even been worn it was so itchy. We decided we must provide a better product for someone to gift a bride as what was on in the market was unacceptable. We found a great factory to source a luxurious satin fabric, you can’t see through it and it feels like silk on the skin. Then we decided to apply our trademarked machine cut glass crystals onto the front and back with the words Bride made up. The feedback we received was fantastic and customers were asking for bathrobes for the mother of the bride, Bridesmaid, Maid of honour, bride’s sister and many more. Varsany answered and we brought out a full range in this field. After many years we developed more products such as Tote bags, Slippers, Spa set and make up bags.

We continue to look for more markets which provide sub-standard items and charge a ridiculous amount to see if we can offer a better product to the market. We are committed to the 2 industries we are currently in and bring out 3-5 new products a year whilst working on improving our current lines.